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Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools (PODS)

Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools (PODS) is dynamic partnership bringing together local and national organisations. Together with their diverse knowledge and expertise, the partnership exists to promote and support high quality Outdoor Learning linked to the curriculum. 

Outdoor Learning

By engaging in Outdoor Learning, it teaches students to become fully engaged with, and confident in their school grounds and local environment. Through regular visits to their local outdoor areas students can develop a strong sense of well-being and enjoy physical activity. They acquire a useful knowledge of ecology and sustainability, and develop communication skills by sharing this knowledge with others.

Objectives of Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools:

  • To develop children’s sense of well-being through regular activities in their local environment.
  • To ensure that children are confident and fully engaged with the outdoor environment.
  • To develop children’s desire to be fit and active in the outdoors.
  • To develop children’s knowledge of the ecology of their local area.
  • To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of sustainability within the context of their local environment.
  • To develop children’s communication skills by sharing their knowledge with others.

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