FACE Cymru has been working with PODS since autumn 2016. Here are some of the things we have done.
Food mapping – this is a two-hour workshop where primary school children explore the local food system and find out that there is more to life than supermarkets.

Next, they interview farmers, shopkeepers and food businesses to find out more. Sometimes a farmer will come into school to explain their work.

Walter Simon, local farmer at Tenby Junior School


Sometimes, a school will visit a farm or a food business.

St Mark’s visiting a potato field, Haverfordwest


Farm visits can be a good way to do some maths.


Pembroke Dock CP at Brooksgrove Farm



In June 2017, FACE and PODS worked together to run a training session for farmers and food businesses on how to work with schools, looking at curriculum links, risk assessments and engaging children in citizenship. Now we are working together to develop resources for schools to carry out fieldwork on farms.