A recent newspaper article Scotland eyes outdoor learning as a model for reopening of schools published by the Guardian discusses Scottish reaction to promote outdoor learning in response to COVID-19. Scotland has a well-developed outdoor learning sector around the Curriculum for Excellence which has much in common with the new Curriculum for Wales.

Wales Council for Outdoor learning publication ‘High Quality Outdoor Learning for Wales’ outlines the supporting evidence for Outdoor Learning and highlights the benefits it can have from early years to lifelong learning, its positive impact on attainment, health and well-being, social and emotional resilience and contribution towards fostering positive sustainable behaviours.

Natural Resource Wales have gathered evidence from across the world that shows being in nature is good for our health and happiness and have created pupil friendly posters available here.

Learning Through Landscapes have over 30 years of experiences in outdoor learning and play and have contributed and authored multiple publications on a variety of outdoor learning and childhood development topics.

Sir Ken Robinson outlines 5 reasons why learning outside is a good idea:

  1. Nature is a powerful resource.
  2. Children can learn through practical hands-on activities.
  3. You can tap into children’s curiosity.
  4. It is a social experience and children learn from working together.
  5. Learning outdoors is fun.