Teachers engaged in a series of inspiring workshops from Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools partners and others. They were then tasked with coming up with innovative STEM experiences for their pupils outdoors.

Teachers from Lamphey CP School showcase their work on measuring the flow of water


Jane Powell from Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) offers a workshop on exploring the properties of soil.


Paul Smith from the National Botanic Gardens of Wales (NBGW) offers a session on exploring scale in space.


Tim Brew of Sustainable Schools offering a session on renewable energy generation.


Graham Peake of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority offers a workshop exploring pond life.


Tom Bean of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority delivers a workshop on properties of materials and numeracy linked to trees.


Kiani Perera, OPAL Scientist based at the National Museum of Wales, delivers training on using surveys to contribute to citizen science, and work with data sets.


Marten Lewis of Darwin Experience and teachers looking for indicator species of river health.


Jane Powell (FACE) discussed the nitrogen cycle, and the nitrogen fixing powers of clover!


Click here to see presentations on how to carry out OPAL surveys and the learning about the nitrogen cycle outdoors.