Outdoor Learning Toolkit

What resources are required for Outdoor Schools activities?

That will depend on the nature of the activities you will be carrying out and the type of habitat you will be visiting. A basic outdoor learning kit would include the following:

  •  Yellow LA  emergency bag
  •  Mobile phone
  •  1st aid kit
  •  Mats in mat bag (optional)
  •  Energy snack
  •  Water bottle or flask for a hot drink in cold weather
  •  Spare clothing for pupils
  •  Any medication required for attending children
  •  Paper, pencils etc – (Better Idea Box)
  •  Identification charts
  •  White collection trays
  •  Magnifying glasses
  •  Digital Camera
  •  Easispeak recorders
  •  Length of rope
  •  Emergency shelter.

How can we ensure that our Outdoor Schools activities do not harm the natural environment?

One of the aim of Outdoor Schools is to instil in children a great pride and ownership of their local areas and a willingness to protect the environment so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come. It is very important to take great care of the environment throughout all outdoor Schools activities.

Please follow these rules:

  • All litter should be taken back to school after each session.
  • No rubbish should remain on site.
  • Be very careful not to frighten wildlife or harm any little creatures.
  • Be mindful of nesting birds.
  • Walk carefully in areas where new flowers such as bluebells are shooting up.
  • Please don’t bring wildlife back to school with you. They are much better off where you found them.
  • After exploring habitats (e.g. underneath logs) please ensure the habitat piles are left in situ to minimize the disturbance to the wildlife.
  • Remember: Leave only footprints and take only photographs!