Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools – Here to help

As the restrictions imposed at the height of the COVID 19 pandemic continue to be eased and a phased school return is implemented, the opportunities presented through ‘learning in the outdoors’ are as important and relevant as ever.

Outdoor learning offers excellent opportunities for social distancing and reducing disease transmission. Being outdoors is also extremely good for pupil and staff well-being. Outdoor learning has been a very popular part of home learning and has an important part to play as schools move into blending teaching in the school and home setting.

Key to the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools (PODS) partnership’s role is the promotion of opportunities and benefits in delivering education outdoors. As schools plan a phased return to the classroom, the groups and organisations involved in PODS are ready to encourage and support outdoor learning as a key tool in delivering education in a safe and enjoyable way.

For more information contact Bryony Rees (Pembrokeshire Outdoor Schools Co-ordinator)

email: [email protected] mob. 07870 488014

“There has never been a better time to learn in the outdoors where it’s less enclosed and there is more space to social distance and better air quality. Infection control is easier outdoors, outside space allows for social distancing to happen more naturally”. (Guardian May 10th 2020)

“We learn much more from the world around us than we necessarily do sitting at desks” (Sir Ken Robinson Educationalist and Author.)

Excellent, clear advice and resources are available to help plan outdoor learning, manage risk and maintain social distancing. See other tabs under COVID-19 for more information including an update on how local groups and organisations can help out.