Why outdoors?

Dandelion clocks

Being outdoors is good for you. It is brilliant watching children develop into young people who are strong, fit and healthy with a love for, and confidence in, the outdoors.

There has been a steep decline in the amount of time children spend outdoors in the last few decades. Read more about changing trends in childhood here.

“…Yet, at the moment that the bond is breaking between the young and the natural world, a growing body of research links our mental, physical, and spiritual health directly to our association with nature- in positive ways…we can now assume that just as children need good nutrition and adequate sleep, they may very well need contact with nature.”

– Richard Louv ‘The Last Child in the Woods’ pp2-3.


The Evidence Base

There is a large body of evidence to support the value of outdoor learning in four key area. These are interrelated and overlapping.

Educational Benefits

Environmental Benefits


Physical Benefits






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